Bullying Essay and How to Compose It Properly

Bullying Essay

One of the most important demands of writing essays is to express creativity. Oftentimes, students manage to reveal their creative skills to the fullest when they cover some important and arguable topics. For example, many students write a bullying essay. It’s an issue of great importance, which is hotly debated.

To succeed with this project, you are supposed to understand the meaning of the word bullying or to bully. It happens when one person or a group of people use force (both mental and physical) to abuse another person. It’s an act of intimidation, which is done intentionally to meet the needs of an intimidator. Bullying is widely spread in schools and colleges. Commonly, senior students abuse juniors using their force to get some money, show their supremacy, in order to have fun, and so on. At any rate, such an act is a strong violation of human rights and moral code.

It is understood how delicate and important the problem is. Accordingly, teachers and professors assign it to see how their students can overcome and prevent the problem. Their creative skills are supposed to step out of the crowd to find a proper solution.

Writing a bullying essay and its main aspects

To succeed with a bullying essay, begin with a selection of the topic. Bullying is just a direction and the main theme. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t use it as the main topic because it’s too broad. It’ll take too much time and too many words to provide explanations. Therefore, make it narrower. Focus on a definite peculiarity of the problem. Bulling at school or at home will narrow the topic to a more concrete field.

Here is a list of interesting concepts:

  1. How to prevent bullying?
  2. Can the government help to solve the issue of bullying?
  3. Good methods to support people who were intimidated.
  4. Reasons why some people abuse others.
  5. How to defend from bullying?

Use these or similar ideas. They’ll make your research more focused and discuss a definite issue. Always support your viewpoint with relevant information. Use printed and digital sources. Make sure you can trust your information sources. Otherwise, your research will be worthless.

Gather as many facts as possible. Afterward, refine the list. Decide what data will fully suit your main purpose. However, don’t throw away other sources. Save them to use in similar projects. Craft an outline, which includes the introduction, thesis statement, main plot, conclusion, and a list of references.

Now, it’s time to begin to draft your essay on bullying. Never try to finish your papers in one set. Nobody is perfect and even the most gifted writers make some mistakes or don’t reflect their thoughts clearly enough. Drafting helps to reconsider every sentence and see how it helps your project in general.

The first draft may be quite messy. Simply write down all the thoughts that occur to the mind, like bullying is bad, violates moral norms, hurts people, is used everywhere, etc. The next draft is expected to have a certain structure, which unites all your concepts and makes the whole story logical. Take care of transitions. Every next section must be logically related to the previous one. Every paragraph must support the main idea of your essay.

To make your essay more readable, add bullet lists, tables, charts, diagrams, and similar stuff. Don’t overload your readers with unknown words like jargon, slang, technical terms, and so on. Use common language. Your sentences should be short and straight to the point. Minimize the use of a passive voice. An active voice makes texts more dynamic and doesn’t require as many words as passive constructions do.

Always revise your last copy before it is submitted. Otherwise, you risk making a lot of errors that will deprive you of essential grades. Reread your paper at least twice. Use some grammar, plagiarism and spell-checking programs. They detect errors, which are omitted by the human eye.

Remember our article if you’re assigned this interesting topic. Make sure you follow academic requirements and don’t violate some moral norms. It’s a delicate issue and you’re supposed to show deep understanding and respect.

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