How Long Is 500 Words Essay and How to Finish It Quickly

How Long Is 500 Words Essay

Students have to deal with different types of academic assignments. Those assignments have various purposes and demands. Students are burdened with multiple tasks and their specifications. Such conditions create a strong mental pressure. As a result, some youngsters ask quite weird questions like – How long is 500 words essay? The answer is obvious. Notwithstanding, students are anxious because of difficult tasks and don’t recognize even obvious facts.

Many students also lack time to complete their assignments before the deadline is over and so, even an essay that is 500 words long may become a serious challenge. Fortunately, there are no real reasons to panic. Firstly, turn on a positive tune and understand that your assignment isn’t actually difficult. Although you have to write multiple tasks, such a short essay won’t take a lot of time and energy. Secondly, read our universal prompts to learn how to finish short assignments quickly and without problems.

Manage time effectively

Most people are terribly afraid of being late and students are no exception. They tend to exaggerate the level of difficulty. Compared to such complex projects like dissertations or coursework essays are much easier. Any essay type doesn’t require so much time and strength. Simply organize the working process and be positive.

Undertake the following measures:

  • Have a plan;
  • Set priorities;
  • Use time management apps;
  • Get learning materials;
  • Organize a working space;
  • Avoid distractions;
  • Have some rest;
  • Try different techniques.

You should begin with the creation of a plan. It must include all the tasks you have to finish. Even some routine duties ought to be included because they are your liabilities and they take some time too. Academic and non-academic tasks are essential.

Afterward, prioritize your goals. Many people have a wrong system of priorities and they begin to fulfill their tasks randomly. Of course, some of those random tasks aren’t really important. Thus, essay writing is more important than shopping. If the time is running out, you should concentrate on your academic obligation. You can go shopping the next day or even later. It’s necessary to divide your tasks and duties into categories of importance. Decide which ones are urgent and which may be finished later.

Obligatorily control your time. A person may have a plain and logically divided schedule. Nevertheless, a lack of time control will bring it to ruin. Think how long every task will take and don’t violate your deadlines. To be sure you haven’t forgotten your deadline or the demands to your essay, use special apps. For example, Evernote allows for taking instant notes and planning your schedule effectively. Set reminders with subheadings and clear explanations. You’ll never forget about something essential. Besides, using this application, users can take screenshots if it’s necessary to memorize some important data.

To ensure an effective environment for creativity, always have appropriate materials. These are textbooks, pens, papers, your laptop or tablet, etc. Make sure your learning stuff is at hand to quickly use it. Find a special place where you will write. It’s recommended finding a silent place with minimum people around. It may be your private room, library, family cottage, a café, etc.

Stay away from people and things that can disturb the learning process. If you write your 500-words essay, refuse from other things you love to do. Don’t chat on social media, stop reading blogs, playing games, watching YouTube and something of the kind. If there are some people around, ask them to be quiet and don’t interfere with your writing.

Many students don’t realize they exhaust their body. They go to extremes when they only work with their assignments. Of course, their tasks must be fulfilled. Nevertheless, it’s not possible when they don’t rest properly. Always make short breaks to unwind. Sleep at least 8 hours per day. You’ll spend more time thinking and writing if you’re exhausted.

Don’t forget to practice on a regular basis. Find all available writing techniques and use them in practice. Try them with different assignment types to see which ones are more effective. Thus, you’ll quickly finish several essays during the day that are even longer than 500 words.

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