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Study Hacks For Memory

  1. Go for a walk. It has been proven that exercise helps memorize information. Stretch your legs before an important exam and get some fresh air into your lungs. If you have a test or assignment writing tomorrow, prepare outside. If you are sitting in a café, brace your muscles once in a while. It will help you concentrate and show your best at time X!
  2. Cram for finals. Do you know the secret of successful cramming? Read upside down and aloud. There are times when you cannot focus on the content, you just stare at the page and read the same sentence, endlessly. In order to avoid this, try to practice slow reading. You won’t be fast, but you will actually remember what you just read.
  3. You know the feeling of tension gradually increasing so you burst out laughing and crying at the same time. It’s due to the hidden emotions that suddenly prevail now that you’ve finally let them out. To prevent you from being hysterical during examination, we recommend you laugh beforehand. Positive emotions will enhance your creativity and let you reveal your inner genius.
  4. Team up. Find someone who is willing to learn as much as you do. Partner up to make a team and agree to share information while studying. For example, if one of you comes across the piece that is totally incomprehensible, stop and ask your mate to explain it in a simple way. Have your friend repeat the same thing twice until you understand. Verbal communication allows you to go through the details of your answer more thoroughly and enhances your memory capacities.
  5. Create an audience. If your friends are too busy to listen, you can create audience by making a speech in front of your cat or use mirror for that purpose. See how you look when you say something, analyze your speech patterns and talking speed. Sometimes we don’t realize we are swallowing words or speaking quietly. After you teach a few classes, you can go to sleep.
  6. Use whiteboards. Today whiteboards seem like a part of an old world. However, some classrooms still boast those huge, classy writing tools. You can create diagrams and charts or use them to scribble notes when a simple notebook is not enough. If you’ve got a literature test, jot down the characters and the plot line. Draw pictures and use maximum space to write important names, if we are talking about history examinations. Yes, whiteboards may be old school, but they still help a lot. Play an association game by relating things you need to learn to what you know. It is a secret of memorizing effectively, and if you can’t recall any real stuff, make up stories. This method is also used while learning a foreign language, and is very, very strong. ‘Toro’ is bull in Spanish. You can imagine a huge bull, standing on the alert, and thus remember the word. This one is helpful to prep for the exams.